KoBugs Theatre Company

Koala Life (International Koala Centre of Excellence) and Theatre Bugs are proud to announce the creation of a new Adelaide based professional children’s theatre company called KoBugs Theatre Company. The primary objective of KoBugs Theatre Company will be a clear focus on the role we all play in protecting our Aussie wildlife and our natural environment. Our first project, Blinky Bill is On The Loose, represents a unique collaboration between an experienced team of professional theatrical artists, scientists and environmental organisations to create a family musical production which playfully explores these issues through the eyes of Dorothy Wall’s truly iconic and much loved Koala, Blinky Bill.

CEO of Koala Life, Professor Chris Daniels says, “We strongly believe that science and the arts working together can both entertain and help to make the world a better place. Working with Michael Eustice, the Managing Director of Theatre Bugs, and creating KoBugs Theatre Company is a key part of our organisational strategy. We aim to communicate these important concerns to a broader audience in a way which brings the message to life both informatively and entertainingly.”

Blinky Bill is On The Loose is fully created by a team of highly experienced and professional South Australian theatrical artists who may be grown up in years, but are still very much children at heart.

To book tickets for our upcoming production of Blinky Bill is On The Loose click HERE.