Our Sponsors

The following characters in Blinky Bill is On The Loose are directly sponsored as follows:

      • Blinky Bill is sponsored by¬†Inspiring South Australia.
      • Mrs Koala, Professor Wombat and Bobbin the Bilby are sponsored by Koala Life.
      • Reginald Bilby and Lady Beatrice Bandicoot are sponsored by the Green Adelaide.
      • Miss Greenlegs is sponsored by Seymour College.
      • Mrs Grab, Axe and Flame are sponsored by The Royal Commonwealth Society.
      • George the Galah is sponsored by Axiom Publishing.
      • Mrs Spotty Frog is sponsored by Annesley College.
      • Go-Go Goanna is sponsored by Theatre Bugs.
      • Angelina Wallaby is sponsored by a private donation.